Sage Benefits

Sage has strong therapeutic value due to the volatile oils, tannins, resins, vitamins B1 and C, potassium nitrate and estrogen hormone-like substances.

You will certainly find a use to sage infusion in almost any activity. Here are some of its many benefits I appreciate:

* My favorite benefit is the strengthening of the immune system. I am a herbal immune system boosters freak :)

* I recommended it to my father for his excessive sweating caused by pain killers.

* It helps to maintain the endocrine balance.

* And last but not least - 2 cups of sage infusion per day is an effective treatment for infections in the body, due to its antiseptic properties.

Be prepared to feel its "astringent" taste. I don't fuss over the taste any more even when I have to drink a more concentrated infusion; because I know first hand it is good for me.

Internal Treatments

Asthma, Respiratory diseases

My daughter has the age at which children experience various respiratory problems. This is one of the reasons why in recent years, Sage has become one of the plants I couldn't do without.

I use it both for me and for my daughter from the first signs of a cold because it proved its effectiveness in colds, bronchitis and laryngitis. Sometimes I combine Sage with Colt's foot or I use them alternatively.

In cases of asthma and respiratory diseases with abundant secretions take half a teaspoon of sage powder for 1 month, 4 times a day.

Sage reduces excessive secretions from the respiratory tract and has strong antiseptic and detoxifying effects.

Stress, anxiety, memory disorders

A study at the University of Newcastle, UK, showed that Sage enhances both short term and long term memory.

It also increases the overall reasoning capacity and intellectual performance in general. Moreover, these qualities are maintained under stress, sage being an excellent remedy for stress disorders.

Take half a teaspoon of sage powder for 1 month, 4 times a day. Take a 3 weeks break, and then you may repeat the treatment.

Spring fatigue, exhaustion

Take 50 drops of sage tincture 3-4 times a day. For even stronger effects, dilute this tincture in a cup of cold Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) tea.

Excess sweating

Multiple studies from England, Germany and the United States have shown without doubt that sage reduces sweating heavily, including that which occurs because of adrenal cortical glands disturbances.

The German Commission E (a government body which verifies the effectiveness of medicinal plants) recommends full or partial baths with sage combined infusion against excessive perspiration.

For night sweats, unpleasant sweating of hands and armpits or excessive salivation

  • Take 4 teaspoons of tincture per day or
  • Drink 1 cup of combined infusion throughout the day (it tastes unpleasant, but it is very effective) or
  • Take 1 teaspoon of powder, 3 times daily.

Type II diabetes, adjuvant in type I diabetes

Sage increases the body's sensitivity to insulin up to 2-3 times, says a German study on this topic. Drink 1 cup of combined infusion per day.

Caution: Monitor the blood glucose levels in case of insulin-dependent diabetes, during the treatment.

Indigestion, bloating, slow digestion, loss of appetite

Sage stimulates digestion and balances the appetite. It also prevents formation of gas in the intestine.

In the Arab world, sage is called the "bedouin grass" because the combined sage infusion is a known remedy for all digestive problems and especially diarrhea.

Drink 2-3 cups of combined infusion daily. If you have trouble with digestion, take a quarter teaspoon (a pinch) of powdered sage 15 minutes before each meal.

Hepatitis, atonic dyspepsia, dyskinesia, chronic biliary tract diseases

Sage powder stimulates bile secretion and, at the same time, causes a reduction in negative psychological states linked to liver and biliary disorders.

It works best if you take it with Gentian (Gentiana asclepiadea) and St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum).


Drink 1 cup of combined infusion daily for at least 1 month. It has depurative effects and eases rheumatic pain.

External Treatments

Hard to heal wounds, infected wounds

Clean the wound with Sage tincture. Mince a few sage leaves and add a little water to make a poultice. Apply it on the skin. Do this treatment for 1 hour daily, for at least 3 weeks.


Wash the eczema with a concentrated combined infusion several times a day. After washing, leave the skin to dry in the air.

If the eczema persists, apply poultices with sage and yarrow.

Infectious eczema

Wash the skin with sage tincture. Afterwards, apply a sage poultice for 1-3 hours, then leave the skin to dry in the air.

Sage leaves contain have strong antibacterial and antifungal effects (combat parasitic fungi).

Here are some more proven and tested home remedies for eczema.

Tone revival

Take baths with combined sage infusion (5 l / 1.3 gal) twice a week. Sage baths tone the psyche, remove fatigue and, as a bonus, your body will smell nice.

Thrush (oral candidiasis), gingivitis, stomatitis, mouth sores

Sage tea is recommended especially in external tonsillitis, throat diseases, dental abscesses, inflammation of the pharynx and oral cavity.

Sage leaves are an excellent remedy for the oral cavity, destroying most microorganisms that cause gum infection epithelium. It has both an anti-inflammatory and a soothing effect.

Make a cup of combined sage infusion and add 3 drops of sage essential oil. Gargle for 5 minute, 2-3 times daily. Do this treatment for 2 weeks.

For gingivitis, bleeding gums, paradontosis, gums withdrawal and mouth sores, rinse your mouth with a concentrated cold soak, 3-4 times per day.

More Herbal recipes for oral care


* Sage can provoke digestive seizures in extremely sensitive persons. This plant is generally contraindicated in epileptics.

* Don't give sage volatile oil to children under 10 years.

* Breastfeeding women shouldn't use this plant, because it will stop the lactation very quickly.

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