Sage for Women

Sage (Salvia officinalis) is considered one of the most effective tonic herbs for women. Beside astringent and bitter substances, it contains chemicals with estrogen like effect, mineral salts and vitamins.

Reducing the bothersome symptoms during the menstrual cycle and menopause makes this plant an anti-stress medicine of great value for women.

Some of the most important benefits for women are:

  • Restore the hormonal balance in menstrual cycle problems (painful, lengthy or heavy periods, abdominal pain);
  • Aide for menopause problems like heavy bleeding or hot flashes;
  • Helps fighting female sterility;
  • Prevents flabby fat tissue or breasts deformation.

Restore the hormonal balance for irregular, heavy or painful menstrual cycle and female infertility

Take half a teaspoon of sage powder, 4 times daily on an empty stomach. One treatment will last 3 months and you will observe extensive harmonization at hormonal level (both endocrine production and hormone receptors).

In case of PMS follow the treatment specifically 5-7 days before the onset of menstruation until 2-3 days thereafter.

Reduce hot flashes and sweating frequency during perimenopause

Sage tincture is a true elixir for premenopausal disorders, reducing sweating and hot flashes frequency. Take 1 teaspoon of tincture (always diluted in water), 3-4 times daily on an empty stomach. Therapeutic effects occur after 4 weeks of treatment.

For bleeding occurring at the onset of menopause, use sage powder. Take half a teaspoon, 4 times daily, on an empty stomach.

A study in Italy on 30 women showed that nocturnal hot flashes and abundant sweating diminished in frequency or disappeared after 3 months of treatment. Moreover, sage has special effects against excessive perspiration or odor, being a true deodorant with internal administration.

Secondary infertility, uterine atrophy

Use powder or combined infusion and follow the treatment for at least 2-3 months. Associate it with dill seeds (Anethum graveolens) and Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) for even better effects.

Reduce pain during childbirth

Use sage powder. Jean Valnet, a renowned specialist in herbal remedies (phytotherapy and aromatherapy), says that regular use of sage one month before birth will significantly reduce pain and ease delivery.

Stop lactation

Stop lactation very effective with sage powder. Take 1 teaspoon, 4 times a day. Follow the treatment for 4-6 weeks. Also put sage poultices on the breasts, for 1 hour a day.


Do vaginal lavages with a concentrated combined infusion . Do this twice daily, in the morning and in the evening.

Adjuvant in genital cancer

Use sage combined infusion especially in women genital cancers and as an adjuvant in cancer in cases of high body toxicity. Sage supports both the detox process and a state of mental tone, which helps to confront this serious disease.

Obesity, cellulite

Use sage combined infusion.


  • Use sage carefully in sensitive people, because it can cause digestive seizures.
  • The plant is generally contraindicated in epileptics.
  • Don't give sage volatile oil to children under 10 years.
  • Monitor blood sugar level in insulin-dependent diabetes, during the administration of sage.
  • Don't use this plant during breastfeeding, because it is renowned to stop the lactation very quickly (anti-galactogogue).

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