How to Care for Postpartum Hemorrhoids

By Paula

Did you get stuck with postpartum hemorrhoids? Are you breastfeeding or planning to?

If you've answered yes to both questions, you must know that allopathic hemorrhoid ointments are not safe during lactation.

herbs for postpartum hemorrhoids

Which postpartum hemorrhoids treatments are safe for your baby?

Marigold & Chamomile Ointment

A Marigold (Calendula officinalis) and Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla) ointment is safe for babies and did the trick for me. It also contained Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) and Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) extracts.

Use the ointment 2-3 times daily after local hygiene.

Oak bark

A midwife in the maternity hospital recommended me Oak bark (Cortex Quercus). Oak bark has a strong astringent action and will reduce the inflammation.

Boil 100 g / 3.53 oz of bark in 1 liter / 33.81 oz of water, then strain. Apply compresses through out the day.

Take 2-3 sitz baths daily with an infusion from Oak bark, Sage and Chamomile. Sage is another herb with astringent action.

Buckthorn bark

Still at bark chapter, Buckthorn bark has a purgative, antiseptic and anti-hemorrhagic action, good for postpartum hemorrhoids. Use it as an adjuvant in hemorrhoids treatment and constipation treatment.

Do 2-3 sitz baths daily with Buckthorn bark or drink an infusion.

Buckthorn hemorrhoid treatment - tea preparation

  • Mix 6 parts Buckthorn bark and 4 parts Yarrow flowers;
  • Put a teaspoon of this herb mix in a bowl with 1 cup boiling water and continue boiling for 3-4 minutes;
  • Remove the bowl from the heat and leave it covered for up to 15 minutes;
  • Strain and sweeten.

Drink 2-3 cups of tea daily. Start with 1 cup because I heard some people complaining about upset stomachs.

dill for postpartum hemorrhoids


Dill is not only a good natural hemorrhoid treatment, but it is also great to stimulate lactation.

I used Dill (Anethum graveolens) infusion both internally and for washes.

You can also take sitz baths with Dill and Comfrey infusion.

Another way to use Dill is to drink a tincture solution: 1 teaspoon per 100 ml / 3.38 oz of water, 3 times a day, 15 minutes before meals.

Aloe Vera

If don't have a plant, you can buy Aloe Vera Gel from drug stores. It stimulates tissue regeneration and is very effective for hemorrhoids treatment.

Apply Aloe Vera juice or cream (cool before use) on hemorrhoids. It has a slightly astringent action and it will soften the congested tissues.

I have only used Aloe Vera cream, but I found that juice brought hemorrhoid relief to a lot of people.

For postpartum hemorrhoids try this recipe:

  • Drink one quarter of a glass of juice in the morning and one quarter in the evening;
  • Anoint the anus with Aloe Vera cream (apply the cream as cold as possible).

The protective nature of Aloe Vera and its astringent and emollient properties can help having an easier defecation and protect the sensitive tissue of the anus. It balances the acidity of the stomach which is a factor of anal irritation and leads to hemorrhoids formation.

How long do postpartum hemorrhoids last?

If you wonder how long do hemorrhoids last, I can give an optimistic answer - about 2-3 weeks. But to be sure, they can last up to 40 days, for the entire confinement period. At my 40 day check they didn't disappeared completely.

However, for a total healing you must be consistent in treatment, otherwise hemorrhoids reappear immediately.

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