Passing Kidney Stones with Couch Grass

by Marius
(Constanta, Romania)

I asked a friend with "experience" to share his recipe for passing kidney stones naturally.

Here it is: Drink minimum 2 liters of tea per day, instead of water.

Recipe: Make tea from Horsetail, Rose hips (Rose dog berries) and Juniper. Once a day, add Couch Grass to the mix for dissolving the kidney stones. Remember, only once a day.

Drink tea from the first three plants all day long, always freshly made. Let it cool of course, but make sure it's fresh.

It takes a while, depending on how big the stones are. I was crawling with pain, but it knew I that eventually it would go away.

Finally, your pee will look brownish, like used coffee grounds. It will sting a little, but then you can say goodbye to pain.

More herbal remedies for kidney stones

You can also take Horsetail sitz baths as recomended by Maria Treben. Look in Herbal remedies for kidney stones page.

Kidney Sone Clear - homeopathic remedy dissolves and clears kidney stones, plus relieves pain, nausea and vomiting.

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Passing Kidney Stones with Couch Grass

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Oct 06, 2010
Kidney Stones Burning
by: Marius

To heal and soothe burns and bleeding drink 1-3 cups of Yarrow tea per day.

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