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I found out about Mistletoe (Viscum album) while searching for plants for my low blood pressure. I was very happy when along the Shepherd's Purse I learned about the Mistletoe.

Once, when my father was working on a tipper truck carrying stones between two villages, a man sitting beside the road in front of poplar trees asked him to raise the platform to gather some mistletoe.

At the time, my dad didn’t asked himself why the man needed the mistletoe, but afterwards he got very curious – and besides, it wasn’t Christmas or New Year :)!

Mistletoe is a stimulant of heart and circulatory function, it regulates blood pressure (lowers blood pressure in hypertensive and raises it in hypotensive).

It is recommended a six weeks cure of mistletoe tea at least once a year, as follows:
  • Drink 3 cups per day for 3 weeks,
  • 2 cups per day for 2 weeks and
  • 1 cup per day for 1 week.

After these 6 weeks, blood pressure and blood circulation is restored. To maintain good health, it is indicated to continue to drink each morning 1 cup of mistletoe tea for a year.

Other secondary phenomena related to an abnormal blood pressure: cerebral congestion, feeling of dizziness, roaring in the ears and eye disorders - are removed. Modes of use

Tea preparation: Tea is prepared only as a cold extract. Place 1 teaspoon of mistletoe to soak overnight in 0.25 liter (8.5 Oz) of water. In the morning warm light and filter. If you need a larger amount during the day, the tea should be kept in a thermos prior rinsed in hot water or heat the thermos every time in bain-marie.

Tincture: You can buy mistletoe drops already prepared from the drug store.

Fresh juice: Fresh leafs and strains are washed and pressed in wet state with an electric squeezer.

Ointment preparation: Mix the fresh white seeds with cold pig lard, until it forms a cream (external use for frostbites).

If you want to gather mistletoe you must know it has curative powers if it is collected during March-April and the from beginning of October until mid-December. Cut leaves and stems in small pieces and dry. Ointment prepared from seeds helps with frostbites.


  • epilepsy
  • chronic spasms and accesses of hysteria
  • glandular system
  • stimulate metabolism
  • hormonal disorders
  • menstrual cycle disorders
  • arteriosclerosis
  • apoplexy



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