Marigold Flowers Benefits

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

It has no particular odor and it is not taken into consideration as a real flower. But in need no other flower can compete with marigold flowers.

Marigold is native to southern and central Europe. Its name (Calendula officinalis) comes from the Latin word "Kalendae", which was the first day in the Roman calendar.

They were named like that because of the fact that they bloom all year round. This herb is also known as the "flower of the rains", due to the fact that if the flower does not open in the morning it is a clear sign that it will rain with storm out that day.

Treatments for internal use

Stomach diseases
Marigold tea (made from freshly gathered plants) or juice squeezed from fresh plants placed in milk, cure liver, stomach and intestines diseases.

It cures stomach or duodenal ulcer and even cases of cirrhosis.

The blend of Marigold, Common Speedwell, Cleavers, Wormwood and Yarrow tea helps to stabilize the leukemia and cure it.

Menstrual pain
Marigold tea relieves menstrual pain, especially in anemic individuals.

The following treatment will be done be a week before the menstrual flow: Pour 2 cups of hot water over 2 tablespoons of flowers to make an infusion. After 15 minutes strain the liquid and drink during the day, preferably on an empty stomach. You can prepare a more concentrated infusion from 4 tablespoons of flowers per 200 g / 7 oz of water.

To regulate the menstrual cycle is recommended 30 drops of tincture in a little water, 3 times a day.

Trichomonas vaginalis
Infusion made from 10 g / 0.4 oz of flowers per 100 g / 3.5 oz of water used for a vaginal douche helps to destroy Trichomonas vaginalis protozoan.

Recipies for internal use

Infusion. 2 spoons of dried marigolds flowers are added to 250 ml / 8.5 oz boiling water. Leave it covered for 15-20 minutes and strain. Drink during the day, preferably on an empty stomach. Calendula tincture. Is obtained by maceration of 20 g / 0.7 oz of fresh calendula flowers in 100 g / 3.5 oz of alcohol 70 degrees for 8 days. To regulate the menstrual cycle you can take 30 drops of tincture in a little water 3 times daily.

Indications - internal use:

Treatments for external use

Joint pains (arthrosis) are alleviated if the place is greased with Marigold ointment.

In form of baths, poultice or tincture, the marigold flowers are used as a bandage for wounds that heal with difficulty, as ulcerations, pus wounds, burns, sunburns, chilblains, acne, eczema, because the Marigold active principles stimulate blood circulation in the tissues, thus speeding up healing of injuries.

If you have wounds that won’t heal, washing the wounds with Marigold tea and then greasing the injuries with calendula ointment, the wounds will heal in less than a week

You can use a diluted solution from 10 g / 0.4 oz of tincture and 90 g / 3.2 oz of boiled and cooled water to make compresses from wounds, burns, ulcerations and eye diseases. This mix gives good results in leucorrhea also.

Prepare a tea from marigold flowers associated with a mixture of oak, willow, meadowsweet, celandine, walnutt rind, white deadnettle, common speedwell and yarrow. This tea is effective in many cases of psoriasis as well as in case of doubtful origin eczema.

Skin care
Compresses with marigold are recommended for dry skin.

Recipies for external use

Compresses, in case of wounds, burns, ulcerations, leucorrhea and eye diseases. Mix 10 g / 0.4 oz tincture and 90 g / 3 oz boiled and cooled water.


Balm. Put 20 g / 0.7 oz of fresh marigolds flowers over 100 g / 3.5 oz of lard and fry in small fire. Mix slowly for 10 minutes, turn off the fire and leave it for a day. The next day reheat the mixture and filter through a gauze. Apply the ointment in thin layers in areas with burns and frost bites.

Baths. 30g / 1 oz of fresh marigold flowers are left to sit in cold water for 24 hours. After that they are boiled for 10 minutes and the water in which they were boiled is used in the bathtub. The baths should not last more than 15 minutes and should be taken twice a day for 12 days.

Flower pillow. Pick fresh flowers and put them in the shade to dry for 24 hours. Place them in a pouch that you apply on the abdomen for ulceration pain, on the waist for kidney pain and especially on the face for skin revival.

Juice. Wash the leaves, stems and flowers and squeeze them with the electric squeezer. The juice is used against skin cancer. If the hemangioma is greased several times a day it will disappear, as well as birthmarks or old age spots.

Indications - external use:


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