How to Boost Immune System with Black Currant

by Paula
(Constanta, Romania)

I heard a humorous story about how to boost immune system with herbal remedies and how to increase fertility at the same time in the waiting room of our pediatrician.

A dad and his 1 year old son were in front of me for a checkup after a cold. The pediatrician said to him the baby is fine now, but it's best to give him something to strengthen its immune system.

She told the father that what she would recommend has not a pleasant taste (a herbs taste) and he would have to somehow make the youngest take it.

The pediatrician began to say the product name:
- Black currant...
- Black Currant bud extract! I know it! said the father. With this and Raspberry buds extract my wife became pregnant! :)

I was glad to hear once more that Raspberry bud extract is effective in stimulating fertility.

We also tried the Black currant buds extract, but it hasn't had any effect on us. The pediatrician recommended it to us in a convalescence period, because, statistically, it had the best results among her patients, even better than Echinacea. But I haven't noticed any improvement. In contrast, when I use Echinacea, the result is visible.

You have a lot of choice for boosting the immune system, but I think it depends on how each body reacts to different herbal remedies.

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