Quick and Easy Home Remedies for Sunburn

Stop the itching and stay cool with these secret home remedies for sunburn.

We all like to have a nice uniform suntan, but we find that instead our skin turns red and it's burning, we have sunburn blisters and we cannot sleep properly.

Hmm, this picture reminds me of a family of four I saw on a summer's day. They were returning from the beach, all bright red, but happy nonetheless.

The red color seems a good method to spot people from outside the town :) (I live at the seaside).

I wanted to tell them they should of used some sunscreen, but it was too late for that. However, if this were to happen to one your friends (not you of course), know that there are home remedies for sunburn that will soothe your friend's skin. All he has to do is to try them and see what's best for him ;)

When it comes to sunburn cures, the first and foremost thing you must do is actually two things:

  • keep the skin cool and
  • stay hydrated.

The easiest way is to drink a large amount of water. Also, cold showers is another way of sunburn care. If you cannot take a shower, try cold water compresses as they soothe effectively sunburned areas.

Ok now, my favorite home remedy for sunburn is ta-daa... yogurt. Ahh, it's yours too? No, not the fruity one, just plain please.

I used yogurt for so long and most of my friends have too, that it seems it is a de facto standard. I simply apply the yogurt directly to the burned area. It is very cool and efficient. If you don't have yogurt on hand, use milk compresses. They will soothe the skin. Another more luxurious remedy, but excellent for sunburns, and a real treat for the skin, is a bath filled with 3-4 liters / 0.75-1 gal of milk. Hey, you discovered how to make your own natural "body milk" :).

I don't think there is a woman who hasnt used a beauty cucumber face mask. This works great as a home remedy for sunburn too. Place the cucumber slices directly on burned skin. You can even rub gently the red areas with cucumber slices.

Another insiders tip is that you can grate the cucumbers and mix them with milk. Put this "high-tech" preparation on your skin and relax.

Yummy! That reminds me of a very good friend of the cucumber I like to use in salads - tomatoes. It is a bit of uncomfortable to use because the juice might drip and stain your clothes, but on the other hand it is an excellent sedative. You can use either tomato slices or, just like the cucumber, tomato juice and milk compresses.

Another way would be to put 2 cups of tomato juice in your bath.

Still at "it's so tasty" home remedies for sunburn recipes, grated raw potatoes (with plenty of juice), applied to the skin, have a beneficial effect on sunburns. If you are not in the mood for grating, just put some potato slices on the skin. The starch content in potatoes has soothing properties.

Speaking of starch, if you have corn starch on hand, you can use it in many ways to relieve sunburn. Here are some simple recipes:

  • Make a cream by mixing corn starch with water;
  • Spray a corn starch and water solution on your body;
  • Put 1 cup of corn starch or 1/2 cup of corn starch an 1/2 cup of bicarbonate in your bathtub;
  • Put the corn starch directly on your burned skin after washing with lukewarm water.

Finally, I kept a "sweet" recipe for desert. Strawberry puree, applied to the skin, makes an effective remedy to relieve sunburns.

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