Can your child stand the smell of one of the most powerful home remedies for nasal congestion?

by Paula

Stuffy nose (or runny nose) is probably the most common problem our children have to face.

My daughter's nose is always in the spotlight, especially in cold weather, so I'm constantly interested to find out about natural nasal congestion remedies.

Here is one home remedy who's smell brings back memories. Horseradish is the ideal nasal congestion relief because it has an expectorant effect, helping the body eliminate the excess mucus, responsible for many respiratory infections. Also, it has antibacterial properties which prevent sinus infection development.

Like garlic, horseradish is rich in essential oils with very strong flavors that few people support. These oils, released by grating the root, decongest nasal passages and sinuses. Sinus congestion can be extremely unpleasant, but horseradish’s volatile oils can improve sinusitis symptoms.

Also, eating horseradish will increase blood pressure and stimulate the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, diuretic, antiscorbutic and cardio-tonic action.

As you see it's a lot of power in this root, so I hoped that it will also revive my daughter's stuffed nose during this year's unusual cold spring.


I chose the simplest home remedy for nasal congestion recipe: Wash two fresh horseradish roots and trim them. Grate the roots using a fine grate and mix them with a little water making a paste.

You can also use a blender to avoid the tears, or you can ask your husband, as I did, to do it. If your husband is available, instruct him to open the kitchen windows when he grinds or grate fresh horseradish and also wear gloves. The volatile oils released when the root cells are crushed are very sharp and have a penetrating smell.

Don’t put horseradish directly on the skin

Although initially I wanted to put the poultice on my daughter's forehead, the smell was too strong (even for me), so I placed he cataplasm half a meter away from the her nose.

Roxana had a strong reaction to this carefully prepared home remedy for nasal congestion. She said it smelled very bad and I must get it out of the room. Even in her sleep she sensed the smell and turned her back to it.

The truth is it does smell pretty bad, and even I couldn't stand it when I was a child. My mother used it for a lot of health problems like colds and flu, digestion and rheumatism and I understand now she used her herb knowledge to heal me.

It is important that you don’t put horseradish directly on the skin because it can cause lesions. If you feel a burning sensation, even through the wrapping cloth, remove the poultice at once.

Although my daughter didn't rightly appreciate the horseradish’s benefits, I kept horseradish on my list of best home remedies for nasal congestion.

Use only fresh and organically grown horseradish for best results. is a good source for organic herbs and seeds.

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