Home Remedies for Head Lice

If you want to wage a war against these little critters you should arm yourself with the best home remedies for head lice.

Vinegar, olive oil, tea tree oil, a special nit comb and of course patience should not miss from your arsenal of natural remedies for head lice.

There are quite a few over the counter products for lice prevention and removal.

Some promise to get rid of them in one day or even after a single application. These products contain lots of chemicals and are not suitable for children even if they claim to be organic.

On the other hand, if you ask the experts, they will probably say that traditional methods are not scientifically proven. But, if you want to try home remedies for head lice, you have a 100% guarantee of cheap, safe and natural remedies.

First line of defence

If you spot the lice fast enough, you can get rid of them manually. It may look like “dirty work”, but after you will read the next home remedies for lice, this will seem the "cleanest" of them all.

Vinegar and head lice

Wash your hair with a solution of vinegar and water before bedtime. Put a white towel or a shower cap on your head, wait half an hour, and then rinse your hair as usual.

This method seems to especially help with the head lice nits separation.

* Make an even powerful lice removal solution by adding salt. Put salt in the water-vinegar solution and heat it as warm as you can stand it.

Salt dehydrates lice and, supposedly, they don't like high temperatures.

Egg white mousse

Another scientifically unproven method (safe nonetheless) is to use egg white mousse. Spread the mousse over your hair, wait until it dries out, and then remove it with a comb. It should also remove the unwanted tenants.

Be careful though not to remove a large portion of your hair in the process.

The most plausible explanation for this method's effectiveness I can think of is that lice breathe through their skin. If you put any kind of oil on your head they should hopefully die of suffocation (or bore them to death).

Head lice olive oil treatment

Use the same "suffocate those little critters" technique and massage your hair and scalp with olive oil. Put a shower cap and wait about an hour. Wash your hair several times with shampoo and comb with special lice comb (a metal or plastic fine-toothed comb).

Repeat this procedure daily or once every two days to get rid of the "guests". You will find it's hard to wash the oily hair so you can use apple cider vinegar to rinse it more easily.

Obtain a more powerful version of this home remedy for head lice by using essential oils. Just add a few drops of rosemary or lavender oil in half a teacup of olive oil and massage your hair and scalp. Rinse your hair with a 2% vinegar solution.

It seems that lice don't like rosemary oil. Be careful though to use only organic high quality essential oils (therapeutic-grade oils), not perfume-grade oils.

Using mayonnaise to treat head lice

This head lice home remedy is much greasier than the olive oil method. I think it's much work to get it out, but you could eventually get rid of lots of lice.

Walnut leaves...

...are a safe natural insecticide. A fresh leaves walnut extract is an excellent head lice home remedy.

Make an infusion from 2 heaping teaspoon of walnut leaves and flowers in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it steep for half a minute and strain. Wash your hair with this infusion.

This natural treatment will not only get rid of parasites (lice, fleas), but it will also strengthen your hair roots and give your hair a brighter color. Remember to also comb your hair with the nit comb.

Essential oils

Some plants have insecticidal properties due to certain substances like histamine or formic acid.

Volatile oils are good insecticides. The most used essential oils in home remedies for head lice are tea tree and lavender oil.

The only problem I see is that they are too strong, especially for children, so more caution is needed when using them.

Put a few drops of oil in base oil like olive or coconut oil and massage this mixture into the hair and scalp. Leave the oil mixture on the head for at least half an hour before washing it out.

Lice spread very quickly so it is necessary to completely eliminate them as quickly as possible. Once you discover lice, wash with hot water all the things that you have come in contact with.

Because no treatment is effective 100%, you should repeat the treatment after 7 days when new lice will come from eggs. Check for lice and repeat the treatment if needed.

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