Herbs for memory Gingko Biloba

by Marius
(Constanta, Romania)

Ginkgo Biloba has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years to treat short term memory disorders or improve short term memory.

It is generally used for memory loss caused by old age, but phytotherapists say it will improve memory, concentration ability and enhance intellectual performance in any age.

I must confess I drank Ginkgo Biloba tea, but I didn't know very well what was behind the "natural herbs for memory" label.

I looked it up and found that this herb is high in flavonoids - antioxidants which protect blood vessels. This also means that Ginkgo will help the neuronal activity preventing brain functions decay.

We all know that the brain needs lots oxygen to perform its tasks. In fact, 20% from all oxygen we inhale is used by the brain. Certain chemicals in Ginkgo Biloba dilate the blood vessels, thus stimulating blood circulation and increasing the oxygen flow to the brain.

This herb maintains a constant oxygen flow to the brain ensuring optimal activity. It also also increase the reaction speed and bring mental clarity to our thoughts.

I usually take a tablet of Ginkbo daily, or, if I have the plant stored in a jar, I drink 2-3 cups of tea per day. Just put 1 teaspoon of shredded plant in 1 cup of boiling water, let it steep for 5 minutes, then strain.

You can also use capsules, tincture or vials and complement them with other natural nervous tonics like ginseng, lecithin or royal jelly

Don't take Gingko Biloba with anticoagulants (ex: aspirin), because it makes the blood fluid.

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