Alfalfa Health Benefits

Alfalfa health benefits (Medicago sativa) make and incredible list. The Arabs, who first discovered it, nicknamed it "the father of all foods" (al-fac-facah), and the biologist Frank Bouer called it "the healer with a thousand properties".

Due to the 8 essential amino acids (high quality protein content), antioxidants, high vitamin content (A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, P) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium), the benefits of alfalfa show in both circulatory, skeletal, digestive and excretory systems.

Need an immune system booster?

It is a general tonic, which exerts its effect slowly but effectively. It strengthens the immune system, promotes the neutralization and elimination of waste accumulated in the body and slows the aging process. Some nice "side effects" are increased physical performance and vitality, and a more restful sleep.

"If it's good for your farm animals, then it's good for you."

Is Alfalfa animal food or a human super food?

In the spring, your body may suffer from asthenia and vitamin deficiency due to lack of fresh vegetables and fruits. Replenish your vitamin and mineral reserves with an alfalfa sprouts or juice diet.

Natural liver cleanse

The liver and kidney clean our blood from toxins. If one of this two twin organs are ill and fail to perform their duties, our health deteriorates.

Alfalfa treatment is recommended to detoxify and stimulate liver function and blood purification. Also, due to its high fiber content, alfalfa has the power to absorb and remove toxins from the body.

Anti-hemorrhagic alfalfa health benefits

Vitamin K protects the body against bleeding. It plays an important role in blood clotting and lowers high blood loss during menstruation. People with frequent nosebleeds (epistaxis) can consume alfalfa because of its vitamin K content.

Strengthens bones and teeth

The high calcium and phosphorus content maintains bones and teeth strong and also strengthens the heart muscles.


Alfalfa has a rich chlorophyll content, which acts as a potent antibacterial.

Chlorophyll removes mucus accumulated over time, so it can be used with good results in respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia etc.).

It also accelerates wound healing by stimulating new tissue growth and reduces the risk of infection.

Chlorophyll is a natural deodorant.

Why are you fatigued?

Anemia and lack of minerals are one of the causes. Due to the iron content, alfalfa reduces fatigue and you can take it for anemia. The same effect can help women during menstruation.

Stomach bloating anyone?

One of the benefits of alfalfa is the stimulation digestion and the activity of the intestines due to a high amount of enzymes.

Many doctors recommend alfalfa in stomach diseases, bloating, ulcer and lack of appetite, because it contains vitamin U. Alfalfa also has a slightly purgative effect and reduces bloating. Its alkaline effect neutralizes efficiently the excess gastric acid.

Vitamin U (lat. ulcus, anti-ulcer vitamin) is the active element of methionine. Methionine is an amino acid that is the engine of fats breakdown. Adrenaline can not be produced without methionine. This vitamin helps regenerate damaged stomach lining and, in general, the digestive system.

When you eat alfalfa before a meal, it facilitates digestion. However, if you eat alfalfa at the end, it helps assimilate nutrients from the food you just ate. You can also benefit from vitamin U if you eat raw cabbage or sauerkraut juice.

Fight constipation with natural remedies

Regular bowel movements are yet other alfalfa health benefits. Due to the active substances and high fiber content contained in the leaves and sprouts, alfalfa treatment has beneficial effects against constipation. Alfalfa is useful in removing toxins from the large intestine.

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